How to examine the conflict that causes a NORMAL_SYNC to be elevated to a FULL_SYNC

I am testing a third-party command-line tool, and I am trying to do operations on the .anki2 database in such a way that NORMAL_SYNCs are guaranteed in certain “nice” circumstances. I’d like to be able to know why I’m getting a SyncCollectionResponse that wants to do a FULL_SYNC instead of a normal one. I figure the devs must have some way to debug this. What I’m really hoping for is some kind of flag or some debugging print statements in an old commit that I can throw in something that’s called by sync_collection_inner that will just dump whatever is making it angry. Anyone got any ideas? Dae in particular, if you’re around?

If you make changes to the DB manually and don’t mark them as syncable, the counts will not match the server at the end of the sync, which will cause a full sync. If you let me know your AnkiWeb ID, I may be able to look it up.


Thanks for the quick reply. I went to dump a log of the DB ops I was doing, and realized I was changing notetypes without checking if the new notetype was distinct from the old. Whoops!

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