2.1.56 > Upload to / download from ankiweb appears more often

In 2.1.56, after doing a change that requires a full upload of the database, this message (which as we know is often confusing for many newcomers) appears way more often:


For example, if after syncyng your collectiom you simply change a notetype (an operation that requieres a full upload of the database), and sync again, you’ll get the message.

Maybe I’m wrong, but I don’t think this worked this way in previous versions; the program was clever enough to realize that the change in the databse was very small and didn’t ask the user to choose between uploading or downloading the collection from Ankiweb.

No, I don’t think you’re correct about the way it worked in previous versions. It’s always been the case that simply changing a note type requires a full sync. (I made a suggestion about improving this a few weeks ago, but there wasn’t interest.)


Any change that forces a full sync should present you with a dialog asking you to confirm, unless such a change has already been made. Can you provide a set of steps that, after a full sync, causes another full sync to be required when you think it shouldn’t be?

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Yes I know that, but I thought that in previous versions Anki didn’t ask the user to confirm between upload or download the collection to Ankiweb in this particular case. Just tried with 2.1.54 and 2.1.50 (both works the same as .56), and read @dae response, so yes, I think I’m wrong.

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Ah ok, sorry for misunderstanding.

I don’t think much changed with syncing in .55/56. AnkiWeb has had some updates recently, and while they should not have resulted in changed behaviour, a bug is not impossible. So if you think something’s wrong and can provide steps, please do :slight_smile:

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