How to edit handwriting input for a card

Simple question here, not sure if I can’t find it and it’s there, but I can find no way to simply edit my writing input on a card once I’ve made it. By that I don’t mean I can’t edit a card, I can find my card in my history on the deck, but I cannot simply tap the image of the handwriting I’ve input to edit it - nothing happens, and the only way I can find to edit the handwriting is by completely deleting what I have and starting from scratch.

Does this app support simply editing the handwriting input on a card once it’s been submitted? This seems like a fundamental and easy to implement function, but for the life of me I cannot find it.

Help would be appreciated.

(If further clarification is needed, I DO NOT want to edit text I have typed in, or delete and re-write the entire card, I want to be able to open a previously made card, and edit or add to the writing that I have input into it (using a stylus or handwriting option)).



Only available on iPads on iOS 13+. Allows you to draw an image and attach it to the card. You can later edit a drawn image by holding two fingers on it.

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