How to delete supertag without deleting subtags?

I have cards that have two tags with a structure like sometag and sometag::subtag. When I delete sometag (via the dialog to delete tags) the longer tag sometag::subtag gets also deleted.

How can I only delete those tags that match exactly sometag?

I don’t remember exactly, but I think you can search for cards with only the parent tag with “tag:parent” -“tag:parent::*. Then you can delete what shows.

Or try selecting all children tags in sidebar and dragging them out to the top level (I haven’t actually tried this)

(Sorry only have my phone right now)

Or search and replace using a RegEx to delete the first part of tag chain (fuzzy on this…)

As far as I know, you can no longer do that since Anki got native hierarchical tags support.

You may be able to accomplish it with the find&replace feature, by searching for ‘^parent tag$’ as a regex and replacing it with nothing.

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Thanks to all for the help and ideas.

As this happens from time to time in my workflow I was looking for a simple solution to batch edit cards.

For that the regex search and replace dae suggested works best. I had tried that before, but didn’t know that there is only one tag per line.

I tried this method, but didn’t remove parent tage i opend find and replace menu, enterd name of parent tag, i didnt write anything in the (replace with) field,
What seems to be the problem?

Did you select “tags” in the dropdown?