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How to delete multiple duplicate notes at once?

I dowloaded a shared deck which has 800+ duplicate notes. All fields like creation/modification date etc, are same for both copies of the note, so I can’t filter out one set of copies in order to delete them all at once.
How to delete these 800+ duplicates at once ?


You could export to a text file, delete the notes, then import them again.

oh ok!
I guess after exporting I’ve to write some kind of script to find duplicates & delete them in text file.

You could try this add-on.

If the field content of the notes is identical, the default importing behaviour is to ignore duplicate content as far as I recall.

ah, thanks a lot!
I’m new to Anki so didn’t know that I can search such common requirements in “add-ons” section.

ah that sounds sweet. Will give a try.
Thanks a lot!