How to collapse all nodes of the mind map on the back side in Anki plugin AnkiXMarkdownXMindMap?

The plugin is very powerful and has excellent effects. The developer should have created this plugin to complement their own learning with explosive mind map effects. This is the effect after importing into Anki. The Anki download number for this plugin is 728482867.

The mind map is currently displayed all at once, but it would be even more perfect if it could be collapsed entirely. Manually clicking and opening each level one by one would be more conducive to memorization and recall. I asked chatgpt for help, but using the code provided by chatgpt (as shown in the figure below) did not work at all. I am a complete novice in coding and programming, and I am not sure what specific problem is causing the code to not work when copied into Anki. I would greatly appreciate it if experts who understand Anki template code or know where the problem lies could provide guidance. Thank you very much!

这个是github地址:GitHub - zjulyx/AnkiXMarkdownXMindMap: 🚀 An anki add-on to support writing markdown and preview as mind map

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