How to change this to English Headings instead of Vietamese

I have a problem. Not sure how it happened after installing on DeskTop. Heading are in Vietnamese and Want to display in English.
How to change to English.

Renaming the fields doesn’t work?

Im not sure what those fields are to rename them to.
Also What that section is used for. because they are blank.
My native tongue is English what those field names are to rename in Same in English name.

Let’s clear up some misunderstandings about Anki’s functionality and what you’re seeing here.

  1. Your Anki installation is in English - so all the buttons, headers, etc. are in English as well. Everything seems to work as expected.
  2. You probably downloaded a deck from somewhere. That deck’s creator gave the fields Vietnamese field names.
  3. Anki cannot translate these field names because they are not part of the program’s UI - they are user-generated.
  4. You can rename the fields however you like and the functionality of the notes/cards stays the same.


To get the translation of the field names, you have to do it manually.
For each field:

  1. Click on the field
  2. Click Rename on the right.
  3. Copy the Vietnamese text to any online translator
  4. Copy the translation and paste it to replace the Vietnamese field name
  5. Click OK

Thank you for pointing a few things out, that im not use to.
Yes your right i did download HSK Chinese written by Vietnamese person. But wasn’t aware of the situation that i created.
I tried uninstalling the program and re installed. Still same outcome. I will take your advice and rename tabs. Thanks

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