How to change the learning options in anki?

Hallo everyone,

I am currently filling my anki deck with aerospace-related topics for exam preparation.
Since our professors decided to teach us those topics in a randomized order I need some strukcture in organizing those topics. Hence I have the following question:

How to tell Anki that it has to show me the cards sorted by the actual name and not by their creation date?


Creation Date/Lecture Date: Topic:

06.09.21 2.) Wing Construction
08.11.21 1.) Advanced Aerodynamics

During my learning process I would like to learn those topic in the following order:
1.) and 2.). I tried the options but I am unable to achieve the desired results…

Is there a way to customize these order?

Best regards


Assuming they are all new:
Fields of the note type > Sort by this field in the browser
Select every cards > right click > reposition