How to avoid duplicates with tags?

I use anki for language learning and have some notes for the same words, e.g. love (noun) and love (verb). I’d like to switch to using only tag system, but Anki keeps warning me about duplicates when I removed the PoS details and added different tags. What can I do to avoid this?

Anki checks duplicate notes by checking the contents of the first field only. I recommend just ignoring the duplicate warning.

Hmm. I also tried to ask ChatGPT and got the following:

To avoid duplicates with tags, you can add the part of speech as a tag instead of including it in the word field. For example, you can create a note with the word “like” and add the tags “verb” and “noun” to it. Then, when you add a new note for the same word with a different part of speech, you can add the tags for the new part of speech without including it in the word field. This way, Anki will not warn you about duplicates because each note will have a unique word field, and the tags will differentiate the part of speech.

Aren’t I doing exactly the same thing? It doesn’t work like this, does it?

ChatGPT apparently got it backwards.

No, only the first field is used for duplicate checking as I said.

I have a lot of sentence notes with the same first field (containing a word). I actually use the duplicate warning to see how many sentences with the target word I added, so the warning is useful to see for me.

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As @abdo said, the first field is checked. Many of us use a unique identifier in the first field, which allows us a little more flexibility with the cards. However, you do need to manage that field.

There are a lot of discussions about it, if you wish to go down that route.

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