How removed only last card history

My sister passed all my cards in my row as a joke, secretly from me. It didn’t bother me much at first, but now I noticed that my stats were not correct. How can I undo only the work I did on a particular day?

What a terrible trick! Oof, 2500 cards and a month ago! :scream: Geçmiş olsun!

The simplest ones to deal with are any that were “New” before she interferred – “Forget” them back to New (and “Reposition” if necessary to get them to the right part of the queue) – Browsing - Anki Manual. You can find those by searching something like introduced:32 -introduced:31 (introduced in the past 32 days, but not in the past 31 days, adjust for the exact days).

For the rest, the first thing I would do is look at them – clicking on the heatmap square will search for all of them. [You might want to Flag them with a flag you can dedicate for this purpose, or tag the notes with kızkardeşim, or your sister’s name, or the unkind name you call her now when you think about what she did … so you’ll know which ones they are in the future.]

Presumably you’ve studied some of these since then? It might not be worth messing with them if you’ve already got reviews post-trick. The least invasive thing you can do is pull them all into a Filtered Deck and gradually study them to reintroduce them to your collection. That way you’ll know for sure when you’re past this.

The dangers of making changes to the review logs are less if it’s the most recent review on those cards, but it’s still not something to take lightly. There are add-ons that claim to safely edit revlogs, but I can’t recommend any, because I’m highly suspicious they might not know what they are doing. :sweat_smile: (Perhaps someone else knows of a reliable and updated add-on?)

It’s also possible to directly edit the revlogs in something like sqlitebrowser [also with the database schema as a guide] – but if you don’t know what you’re doing, same problem. It would be awful if while trying to fix this, you caused yourself more grief with these cards in the future.


Thanks for your help! From what you say, there is no way to fix this situation. I hope other people know how to fix it

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