How does FSRS choose which cards to advance?


I am new to FSRS and trying to understand how it operates when advancing a card.
How does the scheduler decide which cards are advanced? The most mature ones? The ones that would be due the next day? …?

Thanks a lot!

The FSRS4Anki helper add-on chooses cards with low retrievability to advance.

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I’ll elaborate a little bit; I think LMSherlock’s answer is a bit too brief.
Suppose you have 2 cards. Both have a 90% probability of being recalled tomorrow, and your desired retention is 90%. However, advancing card 1 will increase the probability of recall to 95%, and advancing card 2 will increase the probability of recall to 91%. Advancing card 2 will result in a smaller deviation from optimal scheduling, hence, card 2 will have a higher “advancing priority”, if that makes sense. If you choose to advance only one card, card 2 will be advanced. If you choose to advance two cards, both will be advanced.


Thank you both, @Expertium & @L.M.Sherlock :heart_eyes: