How do you know when the flashcards will reappear for me to review again?

under this sub-topic “coasts” there were previously 20 cards(split between “new” and “due”), but now it shows 0 on both columns, so may I know when will these 20 cards reappear for me to review again?

Click on “Browse”, then sort by the “due” column:

(if the due column is not there, you can activate it with the right mouse button)

You can also right click on any card > info to check the due date.

May i know what filtered means ?

Anki is easy to use at a basic level, yet very flexible and powerful, I suggest you taking your time to read the manual or watch a couple of youtube tutorials, it takes some time, but it really it’s well worth the effort.


I’m currently watching Zach highley’s video on a complete guide to Anki, and may I ask: my exams are in 5 months, (and I have flashcards for 5 subjects), what is the recommended learning interval I should aim for?

IMO, that depends a lot on the nature of the material you’re studying, on how you want to study it, and on your learning “style”.

Default settings work well for a lot of situations, if you’ve just started with anki, I’d use that settings for a couple of weeks, and then, once you have more experience with the program and depending on how everything is working for you, would try to change some parameters if necessary.

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