How do I transfer over unsuspended cards from a friend that then populate in my Anki as unsuspended instead of repeats that get deleted/left out the final deck?

This is a problem many medical students face, we all use Anking, a large shared deck that helps us study for our boards, often when studying for a class we make cards and pull/unsuspend board related anking cards into our regular class decks, when a friend tries to send you that deck with his own cards and some pulled/unsuspended anking cards the anking cards are always left out because they are considered repeats (because I already have the deck on my computer), is there a way or extension that allows you to pull those cards into your deck without them being deleted because they are considered repeats? or even better is there a way for those cards to instead of being deleted just becoming unsuspended? the reason I ask the latter question is because the entire Anking deck is 20,000+ cards, we have all the cards suspended and unsuspend as we go to supplement board studying, the task of combing through the cards to see what is relavant for our classes is often tedious and it would be nice if one person could do it and just share the unsuspended cards

You may be able to achieve what you want by tagging the notes. After importing, you should then be able to search for the tag and operate on the cards as desired.