How do I put simmilar sentence in the back cards, without manually copy and paste it one by one?

For example, when using for English learning flashcard.

Many of the cards in the back might contain this same text

Howewer, above that same explanation, the actual answer might be different.

For Example, Butter is made from milk

In the back, then it’s “is made”, and below “is made”, that explanation should appear.

For another cards, Oranges are imported into Britain

In the back, below “Are Imported”, then same explanation occurs.

So far, I manually copy and paste the explanation. Howewer, this is annoying, especially when the front card is in random order.

It will be much easier when we can group the card, or we can like put links below the answer, and click for that for more xplanation.

Because most of the time, when adding card to the decks, it’s in random order. For example, I answer wrong about passive form in English, I then add to the deck, an for the back parts, I need to seek again which is the passive form formula, copy and paste

Next, I didn’t remember about present perfect, I add to the deck, then I manually seek the present perfect formula to paste there

Will be much nicer if I can put many links there like “present perfect” , “passive active”, “conjuction”, etc, then I just click it, and it automatically appear below the key answer accordingly

If I understand your problem correctly, you generally want to associate some content with multiple cards? Maybe you can put the text in text files and use the Open linked pdf, docx, epub, audio/video, etc. in external Program add-on to link to the relevant file for each card.

Another simpler solution to consider is whether you can group associated cards under a single note type with multiple card types, then you can just put the content in a field once. Please see Card Templates - Anki Manual

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Thank you.
The first it does really adress my problem, so I can create each file for each formulas. Howewer, the problem is, it take time to open each file by anki, which will result in long waiting time, especially when I have at least 50 cards.

The second one, I didn’t get it, it seems explain about things, but did not tell us how to use it.

How many of these explanations you have? Do you have your notes tagged for these features (i.e. “passive”, “perfect”, etc)?

I have tons of explanations files. 1 explanations can have some question samples, that’s why it cause long loading time…

For tag, yes I tag them by those features, but I’m not really sure how do I automatically put those explanation for certain tags.

What I would do is using glutanimate’s Batch Editing addon. You search for all the notes with the feature you want to add an explanation to with the Browser. Select them all, and batch edit them to replace/append the information into a specific field, so you don’t have to copy/paste manually.

If your info is in images (maybe you have a .png or .svg of the information instead of text), you can add this image to your collection.anki folder with an underscore _ as the first character of the filename, and add it to the relevant notes (manually or using Batch Editing again).

Remember that, for any information you show, you can make it collapsible if you want by using the <details> <summary> YourTitle </summary> YourExplanation </details> HTML tags.).

The “easiest” solution I can think of is

  1. creating a field in your notetype called {{Explanation}}, for example
  2. adding the new field to your card template, possible inside <details> tags as shown above so that you can show it only when you want
  3. creating images with the explanations in .png o .webp format (this way they’ll be easy to remember and find, you can name those perfect.png, passive.png, etc.)
  4. (batch) adding them to the {{Explanation}} field in all the notes you need (if they are tagged, they’ll be easy to find)

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