How do I only display errors when using {{FrontSide}}?

I only want the part circled in green to show on the backside of my card. The wiki on this doesn’t mention anything other than the aforementioned {{FrontSide}}

I’m not answering your question at all and I probably shouldn’t bother you with that but you might want to try a different method for Japanese learning or Language learning in general, “method” like Refold, animecards TheMoeWay, their suggested card format would probably be better than that.

and I found this answer from 2016:

Yes, at that moment there is some way through CSS and HTML.
In Styling section of Cards... window:

.BackSide { visibility: hidden; }
.cloze { visibility: visible; }

In Back Template section:

<div class="BackSide">{{cloze:Text}}</div>
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No worries, the opposite actually I really appreciate that you took the time to help me learn better.

On top of having learned a lot about Anki through making my own notes from scratch I think ill stick to my own deck. Funnily enough it is almost identical to the one refold recommends haha, just the audio is missing but as it stands this is still a WIP.

Additionally unlike others I had the opportunity to sign up to a Japanese course, I’ve been taking notes frequently which I’m currently translating into Anki cards. Its working great so far!

Unfortunately I couldn’t implement this properly, so the question is still open… Thanks for the tip though!

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Changing {{FrontSide}} to {{Front}} should solve the issue.

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Thanks, ill give it a try this evening ‌‌( ´ ー ` )b

@01101 Hmm, that didn’t work. Any other ideas?

Mind you I did change all field names to these:

{{FrontSide}} means that all of the fields that are in the “Front Template” will be shown. In your example, the (English) and the (Image) fields are shown in the “Back template” 'cause you’ve put {{FrontSide}} there. If you want only a specific field from the “Front Template” to be shown in the “Back Template”, instead of all that are in the “Front Template”, you need to specify that. I said {{Front}} because it is the default for most notetypes, but it looks like you have a different setup. In this case, all you have to do is specify the field you’re using to do the comparison, for example, {{Kanji}.


Ohh i get it now, the field that has {{type:}} on the front side is the solution field on the back, i just have to reference it again.


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