How do I make only part of the Close text decorated and colored?

By default all of the text in the Close between {{ and }} are colored and bold/decorated. If you create a list (with the {{ beginning after < li >), however, only the first line is. This isn’t my problem. I actually want this effect, without creating a list.

Is there a simple way to do this without creating a list? Like something that breaks the color/decoration beyond the first line/any certain point? Ideally something I would be able to do repeatedly and efficiently. See Image for details.

Thanks in advance. I have done a search, I haven’t found a solution to my dumb specific “problem”

For posterity. You can achieve this quickly by decorating (or colouring) the {{c1:: together with whatever comes after it, but not decorate the rest.

Example (by default in Close card) using decoration:
{{c1::Good morning. How do you do}} ➙ Good morning. How do you do?

Note that “{{c1::” must be decorated as well. Otherwise doesn’t work. i.e.
{{c1::Good morning. How do you do}} ➙ Good morning. How do you do?

Also possible by putting them both in span or div. e.g.

<span>{{c1:: blue </span> not blue rest}}

<div>{{c1:: blue </div> not blue rest}}

I can’t understand this properly but the simple way is changing the card template. You can alternatively use this html <font color= "blue"><b> </b></font>

I’m no programmer (I am trying to crack med entrance) so maybe if you can post your template others can help you. IYDK you use backticks (``) with your code otherwise it will mess up (like instead of saying <b> you will end up making your text bold)

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