How do I get Anki to remember only one side of the card?

I mean, I’m trying to make my first deck in Anki, however it doesn’t help me to ‘change’ the answer to the question when I have to remember some card. I’m only interested in it showing me the answer in only one direction. I don’t know if I explain myself.

In other words, when I see the image of a bird, I want it to show me its meaning in French for ‘bird’, but I don’t want it to show me the image of the bird before the word time later.

Thank you very much to whoever can help me.

Based on your description, I’m assuming you’re using Anki’s reversed card note type. If you don’t want the reversed functionality, simply change the note type on the left upper corner while adding a card. The “Basic” appears to be what you need.


Thank you very much, it was exactly that. :+1: :+1: