How delete symbol?

this is a ready downloaded deck, can I remove these play symbols on android? possibly, that they are below the translation (the blue inscription), but I want the sound to be played as before, I need it because when I use the phone horizontally, the entire card cannot fit on the page and I have to slide it every time,

You can hide them completely in AnkiDesktop, but it doesn’t look like AnkiDroid has that ability [broader answer below]. However, you can style them down to a better size for your layout (or possibly to 0?) Styling & HTML - Anki Manual .

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If you want to delete (hide) the audio play buttons, you can probably do so in the newer 2.17alpha versions - “Settings” - “Appearance” - Toggle off “Show play buttons on cards with audio”.

I think you can also delete (hide) them on the latest released version (2.16.5) by adding the following to the bottom of the “Styling” section of your card template:

.replaybutton {display: none;}


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