How can I merge LingQ-generated and my own Anki deck

I study Spanish utilizing Anki and the LingQ website. My Anki deck consists of pictures, English words, Spanish equivalents and their sound files. I also have a subscription to LingQ, a website that provides structured learning of media with translation, and tracks the new vocabulary for a its own spaced repetition section. Un problemo. I can download an Anki file from LingQ, but LingQ does not allow outside input of pics and sound files. LingQ and my own Anki deck do not have the same file structure. I would like to be able to import and combine My deck and the LinQ deck into a Merged deck, and to update the Merged Deck from time to time. 1. Is there an existing way of doing this? 2. If not, how to make it so, preferably easily? I know neither the programming language necessary for this task nor the structure of the Anki data file. How can I accomplish this?

Hi Bruce, I suggest to ask this question in the Anki Language Learning Reddit community. We can help you more there. The reason I suggest to ask there is because we have community members focused on Anki and language learning there, plus it would help the rest of the community who have a similar problem. Cheers, Mark (Speakada)

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