Hiding following answers in cloze feature

I would like to use the cloze feature… with the ability to hide the next following tabs of the same card. its hard to explain but here an example to go by:

for example the medication

Brand name: Ditropan
Generic: Oxybutinin
Class: urinary antispasmodic
Indication: Overeactive bladder

I would like to display all the information on one card but without displaying the “answers”/anything after the colons in the example above.

I use cloze feature to create “new cards” or fill in the blank for the items following the colon. however all the information is already presented before I proceed to the next “card” by hitting the space button. I would like not to see the answers to the following information before I press the next button/spacebar to reveal the next fill in the blank. I hope that makes sense. I would greatly appreciate if I can get some assistant on how I may go about to doing something like this.

Attached below is a screen shot… so ideally when looking at this I would like to create a display where for example under the indication “overreactive bladder” would not be shown while I test/study the previous blank…so when going through this I dont get to see the answers of the next questions.

There is a JavaScript for that. You can copy it from AnKing’s video.
It is about opening one cloze at a time.
If you can not find it, I will copy the script from my deck.
Make 4 Hint fields. Advantage: will not break down; there is an add-on with 2 shortcut keys to open one / all Hints.