Help with a specific set up for category spaced repetition :)

Im honestly super confused on the different intervals and delays and what they all mean.
Im interested in using Anki for dental school in the same way as I used physical flashcards before
I used to make flashcards, and then work through them after making them. If I got them right, I’d move it from the ‘Daily’ stack to the ‘Every Other Day’ stack. If wrong, it’d stay in ‘Daily’.
When I get the ‘Every Other Day’ stack, and get it right, and I feel good about it, I’d move it to the ‘Weekly’ stack, or if I got it wrong, then it’s back to the ‘Daily’ stack. This would continue with stacks of ‘Fortnightly’, ‘Monthly’ and even ‘Bi-Monthly’ if they got too much. If I got any one wrong, they’d always go back to the ‘Daily’ stack to start the process again.
I found this as the best method for me.
My only problem now is that with dental school its going to be much more easier and convenient to do this but with digital flashcards, like using the great tools that Anki provides.
But is there a way to work through them the same way?
If anyone could help with the set up that’d be so so great, just because I’m so confused lmao.

Maybe you can get something similar to what you want using the following settings in the New Cards section of the deck options screen: