HELP macbook apk file to anki

I’ve downloaded a deck from Wechat to my Macbook Air. I want to import this deck onto my anki desktop but it says file not supported. The file is apk. How can i upload a file from files to desktop?

.apkg right? .apk is another file format used for installation of apps (can be used for malware)

Make sure you are up to date, latest version is 23.12.1

If you continue to have problems with the latest Anki version, please try again after starting Anki with the shift key held down to disable all add-ons.

hey, thank you for your reply. i don’t understand. the file needs to be apkg to be uploaded onto anki? right, now the file is apk.1g i am bad with tech, does anyone have any instructions?

You haven’t downloaded a deck (.apkg)

The Android Package with the file extension apk [1] is the file format used by the Android operating system, and a number of other Android-based operating systems for distribution and installation of mobile apps, mobile games and middleware.


Apkg is Anki_(software) single deck of flashcard package Apkg is used to back up and restore and distribute flashcards decks.[1] [2]

Text Files - Anki Manual


If it’s actually an .apkg file that has just been mis-named, then you can just fix the file extension [remove the .1 from the middle] and it will work.

But I would certainly be concerned about who the source of the file is, because if it’s really an .apk file and someone is trying to disguise it as something harmless … yikes.

There’s a trick that might help –
If you add .zip to the end of the filename, then you can look inside it like a zip-folder. If it has files inside called “collection.anki2” and “media” – that’s a positive sign it’s a .apkg file.

[Not a guarantee though – I guess I’ve never tried that with an apk! Today I learned: you can do the same trick with an .apk file, but it has several other files and folders in there, most notably “AndroidManifest.xml” and it will definitely look different.]


hey, it is an apk file i’ve removed the 1 as you said and changed it to zip and can confirm it is an apk. when i try to upload to anki. it says unsupported file type.

If it’s an apk file, you can’t import it into Anki. Those are Android program/installation files.

[And you might not want to touch it anymore because there’s no “good” reasons for someone sharing an apk disguised as an Anki deck.]

Not sure why you have received a .apk file, you might want to scan to see if there isn’t any virus/ malware associated with it

It’s simple, you just send this .apk file in this website, and it should scan and deliver the results

We can’t do much here in forums because Anki doesn’t support.apk files.

Only .txt, .csv, .apkg, and .colpkg files can be imported.

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