Help, lost all my decks


I transfered my decks from Device A to Device B half a year back, but did not use Device B since. Since then I’ve made many new decks and updates on the already existing ones (all on Device A).

Today I wanted to transfer my progress to Device B again, but it seems that I’ve somehow done it the other way around. I have transfered my old and outdated decks from Device B to Device A, and lost everything I’ve had on Device A.

So I messed it up. Is there a way to undo what I’ve done? If there is, I’d be really thankful…

Try checking this: Backups - Anki Manual

Or on AnkiDroid:

AnkiDroid will automatically create backups of your collection for you. The backups include all your cards and statistics, but do not include sounds or images.

The backup is taken in the background when you first start the app. A backup will only happen if more than 5 hours has elapsed since the last time a backup was created. By default, AnkiDroid will store the last 8 backups; this number can be changed in the main settings.

You can restore a backup by choosing the restore from backup option from the main menu of the decks screen.

(From: AnkiDroid 2.15 User Manual)

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