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Help adding Hint Button and Hint with a Cloze

I am new-ish to Anki, in the past, I have used very basic cards. Now I want to expand and create some basic custom cards however I am new to adding code. I would like to add a Hint with a button, in other words, I would like to only show the Hint when I click on it (so in other words, I don’t see the Hint if I don’t want to see it). I would like the Hint to also include a Cloze, so it would look something like this: Hint with Button: Ein {{cloze1: Motorrad}} ist lauter als ein Velo. I’ve looked at multiple tutorials but still seem to be getting it wrong. If anyone can help I would be extremely grateful. Happy to provide screenshots or more info if needed.

Share the code you used that seems to be getting it wrong please

You would need to add another field. It sounds a bit complicated to me - in generally I’d recommend keeping your card templates as simple as you can.

@4649ceynou Yes that would have been helpful :crazy_face: Will do next time :+1:

@dae Good advice:) So I got the Hint to work but I want to add a Cloze within the hint. I looked at your attached image and I’m not sure how to combine those so that the Cloze is inside the Hint. How would you recommend doing that?

Clozes are only supported on note types derived from the default Cloze note type. So you would need to “Add: Cloze” (“Manage Note Types” → “Add”), then add the extra field and edit the template as shown above.

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@kleinerpirat Thank you:)