Groups and Titles

There isnโ€™t a way to distinguish beginner, helper, or developers/contributors

Proposal: Bring Discord roles to Discourse Forum

How it would appear:



  1. Create a group in Discourse - admins - Discourse Meta
    1.1 Configure private / closed group access, membership and visibility - admins - Discourse Meta
  2. Link User Title to a Group - admins - Discourse Meta


  • :blue_book: FSRS Contributor
  • :blue_book: AnkiDroid Contributor
  • :blue_book: Anki Contributor
  • :blue_book: Add-on Developer
  • :closed_book: AnkiDroid Reviewer
  • :closed_book: Anki Reviewer
  • :closed_book: GSoC Mentor
  • :closed_book: :blue_book: GSoC Candidate*
  • :closed_book: :blue_book: GSoC Alumni*
  • :open_book: :closed_book: Helper*
  • :open_book: Translator

:blue_book: Configure a new group that allows for membership requests:

  • Sending merged pull request for Anki/AnkiDroid/FSRS Contributor Group
  • Add-on Source Code (GitHub, GitLab, Codeberg) page for Add-on Developer Group

:closed_book: Configure new closed group: Reserved for main devs

:open_book: Configure a new group that allows users to freely join

*GSOC groups and Helpers can be discussed if they should be closed :closed_book: or membership request: :blue_book:

Another option would be removing GSoC groups


I donโ€™t have time to be dealing with groups where the membership will change regularly, but tags for core devs / prevalent posters is a possibility in the future.