FSRS per deck or per note?


I have two questions.


I have deck to learn foreign words with 3 types of notes:

  • Translate (mind/aloud) from foreign language to native one (average easy difficulty)

  • Translate (mind/aloud) from native language to foreign one (average moderate difficulty)

  • Write/type foreign word base on native audio (average hard difficulty – very easy for typo)

Question 1:

Does FSRS apply parameters per deck or per note type? Due to different type of difficulty per note then will it average parameters so easy notes will have little to short due time and hard will have little to long time? On the one hand parameters are per deck but on the another hand they count base on specific cards note type. It is quite difficult to judge this for me.

Question 2:

Let’s assume that answer for above question is: “per deck, results are averaging between note types”. What is the best way to overcome this problem? Should I split one card per 3 decks and set each deck separate config?

Actually, it’s one level above decks. FSRS applies parameters per “preset”, and each preset can contain more than one deck.

You can see the presets at the very top of the deck options screen.

It might say, for example, “Default (used by __ decks)”. This is a drop-down menu, you can click on it to see other presets you have defined, if any.

Deck Options - Anki Manual (ankiweb.net)

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Thanks, fully understand this. I have forgotten about it because I always use one present per one deck.

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