FSRS parameters optimization gives huge intervals

can someone help me understand why do my card intervals become extremely long after i optimize the parameters for FSRS. for example a card that had an interval of 2 months becomes 1.3y after hitting good?

when i use fsrs with the default settings, it is way closer to the expected time i should see that card
i have 81k reviews total before using fsrs

I think FSRS is working as expected.

When I optimized FSRS parameters and selected “Reschedule cards on change”, some of my cards had longer due dates, but about 15% of them or so actually became overdue.

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FSRS optimization is looking at your history with these cards and using to predict what your future with these cards will be. And FSRS intervals have a tendency to be longer than what you’re used to with SM-2 intervals. fsrs4anki/docs/tutorial.md at main · open-spaced-repetition/fsrs4anki · GitHub

the FSRS tutorial says this: “It’s worth mentioning that for mature cards, the opposite is true: FSRS is more conservative than SM-2.”
this is why i thought it was weird that all my mature cards that i was reviewing had huge intervals, so i switched back to the default parameters because i was more reasonable and was sure i will forget almost all of the cards i was reviewing before the interval that it gave me with the optimized parameters.

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