FSRS: How to tell if and which cards need their own presets?

Say I’ve got geography and Japanese language cards like the FAQ mentions, and I was unaware they need different presets, what would be the best way to figure out if they should have separate presets? Is looking at the DSR components in the browser for significant differences the recommended approach?

I guess the sure-fire way is to create a new deck, give it a new preset, enter a search query for the candidate set of cards into the settings, optimize and evaluate.
Also evaluate the main preset with the same set of cards and compare.

A quicker way is to look at the Card Difficulty graph in the stats. Decks with a skewed graph might need a separate preset.

I also tried checking the tags of the most easy or the most difficult cards using High Yield Tags.

But sometimes, optimizing a preset on a smaller set of cards will make it worse for that set of cards.

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