Forivy add forvo sounds


I just wanted to see if anyone knew why the author of “Forivy add forvo sounds” took down the add-on from the list. It was a wonderful add-on that saved tons of time, but the last update didn’t work for whatever reason and it was completely removed from…everywhere. Does anyone have a copy of the older version of the add-on, right before it stopped working?

I don’t know but I loved that add-on! :frowning::frowning: If whoever made it is seeing this, please bring it back!

Last time I used it it didn’t work at all. My guess is that the author turn it down as it was not working any more. So, it will be nice to get it updated for the community.

You can also download Forvo sounds using the Audio Files add-on.

this one ?

Yes, it will download Forvo audio