Font is too large

I installed an add-on to increase the font size, but when I increased the size I didn’t see any difference, so I thought you had to increase it by larger values to see a change, so I amped it up to font size 1000 but I still didn’t see a change, so I shrugged it off. But the next time I opened Anki, the font size had become very, very large, to the point where I could only see the word “file” and now I can’t access the add-ons section to change it. Please help. Thanks.

Go back to where you set up the add-on and change the value to a smaller value again, and restart Anki. Many add-ons require a restart after you adjusted the settings.

If you can’t navigate the interface, you may be able to disable the add-on’s behaviour by starting Anki with the shift key held down.