Flashcard at school


flashcards are tipically used in self-paced study but I believe that they would be very beneficial at school as well. (Some web-based systems do have concept of class, indeed).

Are there interesting resources on the subject?

Are there ongoing efforts to investigate possible ways of landing flaschcards in the school? are there Anki addon that address this issue?


Anki doesn’t have premade content that’s tailored to material/schoolbooks. There are some other apps or web services that have such content. Since that’s tied to classic schoolbook publishers I guess that you’ll have different apps in each country. Also there’s no centralized management interface for a teacher in Anki where they can check the students’ stats and push new cards. So maybe look elsewhere? There must be publications about this somewhere - I just doubt that you’ll find them in this forum. Maybe there’s something at scholar.google.com with search terms like “spaced repetition software class room”?

about anki in particular:

There’s some work on collaboration plattforms for Anki for shared decks, see Introducing Anki Palace. Maybe such a plattform can be extended so that it’s useful for teachers in the (very) long run, too? There are also more technical alternatives like Brain-Brew but I doubt that they are suitable.

There’s an anki subreddit at reddit.com/r/anki. Over the years there have been some discussions about anki class room use. I would google for something like site:reddit.com/r/anki school teacher. I use google because my impression is that the search bar on reddit gives worse results.

There’s an add-on named Leaderboard that submits progress to a server. This might be useful for checking the progress of users. If you pointed this to your own server this might be relevant? But add-ons only work on the desktop and I guess you can’t assume that all students will have classic win/mac/linux computers in 2020?


Thank you very much @ijgnd,

there’s enough reading for a while… I already heard about anking but didn’t remember it (I should have added it to my deck…).

I think I’ll come back later…


It might be helpful to note that SRS are already a perfect torture device for some people who do them somewhat by free will. Enforcing Anki or similar systems in school might lead to killing the learn drive and creativity of children completely. I think it is important to take this opinion of the Supermemo inventor Piotr Wozniak very seriously when thinking about taking SRS to classroom:


I read what he thinks about SRS, may I say that even with a musical instrument you should never force anybody to play, or a book… but if you have children you know that’s not always the best choice eather… so that teachers tend to require you to study and if they accompany you to a study that lets you spend less time… that’s good!