Flags don't sync between different devices

Hi, I’d like to report a bug I’ve encountered while using Anki 2.1.26 on Windows 10.

I use color flags on an ad hoc basis. When I need to flag something, I flag it. When I no longer need that card flagged, I remove the flag. However, after syncing the cards via AnkiWeb, the CARDS WITH REMOVED FLAGS ARE STILL FLAGGED on the other computer. When I go into the browser on computer 2 and type “flag:2” or “flag:3” AFTER removing even ALL of the orange or green flags from computer 1 (and syncing to AnkiWeb), they still show up in the browser of computer 2.

We could say that everything is synced correctly between the different devices, except for the flags that are like independant from a device to another

When I flag a card only on one computer, everything works fine. I can add the flag or remove the flag normally. The problem is when I want to pick up where I leave off on a different device, whether on another computer or on the iOS beta app.

I know this may be a bit confusing. If you need me to clarify further, I will gladly do so.

For the record i have the same and last version of Anki on both windows devices

– Alex

Are you removing the flags via the browse screen? Are your cards fully in sync before making changes? Are you able to reproduce the problem when using the latest alpha? https://betas.ankiweb.net/#/

  • Yes
  • Well all the other modifications on any card I make on one device or the other is synced, so I think they are fully in sync.

I noticed in the description of 2.1.15beta1 “Fix flag changes in Browse screen not syncing.”, which is exactly what’s happening. Do you know if maybe it hasn’t been added to the stable version after the beta ?

Thanks for all

I am not able to reproduce the problem using the latest alpha or 2.1.25. Have you ruled out add-ons as the cause?