Finding out the average time needed to think about and formulate an answer

How can I discern what is the average time needed for me to find an answer (which would be the average time spent on just the frontside of a card ) and maintain that over the long run :question:

Is that the front-of-card time or the full review time?

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Is the counter at the bottom of the Desk Browser affected by this option (stop timer on answer) :question:


I don’t think it does, but I certainly haven’t looked that source code – you’ve got me there! “Show answer timer” and “Stop timer on answer” are related to the visible timer you can display on the card, but I don’t know where those values would preserved for Stats purposes. Database Structure · ankidroid/Anki-Android Wiki · GitHub

The value preserved with the review log (and you can see on the Card Info) is the “from when question is shown until you press an answer button” value (Deck Options - Anki Manual) that is limited by “Maximum answer seconds.” (I just happen to have tested this a few days ago because some user on reddit didn’t believe me OR the manual, and I wanted to make sure I wasn’t losing my mind. :sweat_smile: )

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