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Find and replace English question mark ? with a Chinese one?

I’ve tried word, excel, and notes but nothing works.

  1. I have 1000s of notes with Chinese and English sentences.
  2. The Chinese question mark (?) is slightly different to the English question mark (?)
  3. I need to neaten up my notes so that the right question mark is with the right language.
  4. When I’ve tried find and replace the software I’ve tried doesn’t recognize the difference between (??)

Does anyone have a method for solving this problem? Thanks :sunny:

Tried find&replace inside Anki’s browse screen?

Yes I never get this to work for some reason… Though just tried again and it seems to be working! No idea why it wasn’t running before. Thanks. !!

Actually I spoke too soon. It worked when I did a change without targeting a specific field but when I targeted a field nothing changed.

Ok now it’s working! I really don’t know what I’m doing different though except for selecting a smaller selection of notes. It doesn’t seem to like massive selections (80k +) and likewise was doing nothing when I selected a few cards at a time.

Update: I found this wasn’t working for me when I selected large amount of cards but when I unchecked the box specifying for selected cards only it worked perfectly.