Find and replace "<br>" only replacing in some notes?

I have a few notes that have text like this in a Back field:
prefix + (some letter)

The actual HTML for these cards is
prefix + <br>(some letter)

I wanted to remove the
elements so I did find and replace. I did it with all default settings (except no regex) to replace “
” (no quotes) with “” (nothing, no quotes). It ran, but only removed the
on some of the selected cards. There were only about 10 left where it hadn’t removed the element, so I went and manually removed them.

I think I had the correct settings because it affected some of the selected notes, but not all. Is it possible for find and replace to not find all occurrences if the machine is low on RAM?

No, that’s not possible. I suggest you export your notes to a text file, so you can see the exact HTML they contain. The editor may sometimes modify what is shown.

Interesting. The HTML editor doesn’t always show the real underlying HTML?

Occasionally yes, such as MathJax markup or when invalid HTML is present on the field.

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