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Filtered deck interval problem

I always used to make filtered decks and my options were again(1min), good(10min), easy(end).

The intervals always used to stay the same whenever I studied the custom deck and rebuilt it.

Now I’m having 2 problems.

  1. Now the intervals are again(1min), good(10min), easy(4d). I want the easy to say end.

  2. The intervals are changing now based on my answers I make whenever I rebuild the deck. again(1min), good(3d), easy(3d).

I basically just want the easy to always say end and I don’t want the intervals to change every time I go through a filtered deck.


untag this?

Thanks for the reply.

That fixes the 2nd problem I was having. Now my intervals are staying the same.

I’m still having problem 1.
When I uncheck that box it gives me the option repeat failed cards after ___ minutes. I just left it on the default setting which is 10 minutes.

Now after I click show answer it only gives me 2 options. again(10min) and good(end).

I want it to be again(1min),good(10min), easy(end)

I was watching a video on youtube. I just realized that ever since I updated anki I don’t see this anymore. custom steps(in minutes). I’m currently trying to figure out how to get that back. I think that will solve my problem.
Anki before update:
Anki after update:

intervals are based on the cards review status (wether they are new, learn, or review).

again(1min),good(10min), easy(end) is for absolutely new cards. When cards mature their intervals do too. (happens if you don’t uncheck that box in the screenshot). You’d have to rebuild the deck and remove unwanted cards manually as far as my understanding goes. Or use any other work around

also check out deck options, not filtered deck options (they are different). you can set up again(1min),good(10min), easy(end) there

Hope that helps

I just fixed the problem. I just downgraded to anki 2.1.40 and turned V2 scheduling off. Now I’m able to change the intervals in custom filtered deck.

Everything is all good now. Thanks for the help

Scheduler v2 and v3 have a lot of advantages over older versions.

Regarding filtered decks:

Filtered decks with rescheduling disabled now show 4 buttons - the provided delay applies to the Again button, and Hard/Good will use 1.5x and 2x the provided delay. Easy will remove the card.

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Custom learning steps in filtered decks are one of the reasons learning cards had to be reset when moved into or out of a filtered deck in the v1 scheduler - the negatives outweighed the positives for the majority of people.

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