Feature Request

Hello, is it possible to keep the horizontal line in cloze card type?
The horizontal line disappears when answer is shown. It will be nice to have the answer and extra info separated by a line like in the “basic” card type. I know I can just write <‘hr>, but it’s really troublesome to click in <‘> button and write <‘hr>. Repeated.
Thank you :grinning:

You can add whatever contents you want in the card template. No line is shown by default, because the question is replaced with the answer in the cloze type, as it doesn’t make much sense to show both at once.

So I can customise the card ?
How to do that ?

From the study screen, tap on the cog in the bottom right, then scroll down to Card Template. Or you can customize the template in the computer version if you find that easier, by clicking on Cards… while in the editing screen.


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