Feature request: When studying a deck, change window title to "Studying " + "deck_name"


It would be great if Anki would change it’s window title when studying a deck to “Studying deck_name” or even just “Study[ing]”. Currently, the window name when studying is the same as in the deck list screen: “User 1 - Anki” or whatever was chosen as the user name. For most users, this change would be a minor cosmetic improvement which would bring the study screen in-line with Anki’s other windows. For me though, this would be a huge help because it would solve a problem I’ve been having.

In case this is an XY problem: For complicated reasons I use xdotool in a script to send keystrokes to Anki on a computer over the network. Using this tool, I can differentiate between windows with different names, except for the Anki studying window and the window shown when I finish studying a deck. I also use cards with audio and filtered decks, which have the unfortunate conflicting key of “r” for replaying audio when studying and rebuilding the filtered deck when done studying. If I’m not careful when studying my audio cards, I’ll complete studying and then hit “r” and rebuild my filtered deck, undoing my reviews. I’m not sure if this behavior of filtered decks is intended, but it sometimes bugs me and I undo the rebuild. Either way, having the window title change when studying and when studying is done would be a great help.

I’ve looked at add-ons- none seem to handle this specific window naming issue. There is an add-on for remapping keyboard shortcuts, though it doesn’t support remapping the rebuild filtered deck shortcut, “r”. I ended just grepping and changing the source code of my Anki install: specifically changing the shortcut to “I” in overview.py. I think I’ll have to do this each time I upgrade Anki though unless either:

  1. the default rebuild shortcut is changed
  2. the window name changes when studying vs when done studying.

I’m hoping for #2 as it seems every other window in Anki seems to have a distinct name and it won’t inconvenience users that use “r” to rebuild filtered decks. I can even give #2 a try and submit a PR if given approval.

Edit: my attempt at #2: change window name when reviewing or deck screen by sudomain · Pull Request #2530 · ankitects/anki · GitHub

There was once a addon that did this. For some reason it was removed by its creator. Maybe I’ll reupload it soon.
404 Not Found (ankiweb.net)

It turns out, I’m bad at searching. I found this add-on today after only searching for “window”. To be fair, this add-on changes the window title and should probably have “window” in the name.


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i am using this too.
just the txt in the windows bar are quite small…