Show the name of the deck of card while studying?


I’m wondering if there is a way to configure Anki to always show the name of the deck from which a card is picked, during study. This would prevent having to add a lot of extra context in order to be able to review cards in a mixed card. For example the card “How is [TERM] used in [FIELD OF STUDY]?” could be simplified to “What is [TERM]?” if the deck name provides the FIELD OF STUDY context. I also have decks which relate to the specific argument in a book I’ve read. Not having to include the name of the book in each card would save some time.

Right now it feels like I have to add a lot of extra context to each card in order to know what to even answer. An alternative is to study the cards as individual decks, but I find that to be less conducive of promoting recall.

Alternative suggestions which I may not have considered are also welcome.


This plugin solves the problem for me on PC: 699175524 (Unable to post link, so here is the addon code)

I’d still like to include it in the card itself if possible, preferably in a cross platform way, if anyone knows a way.

Figured it out. Deck name / Sub deck name can be included in the card template using {{Deck}} or {{Subdeck}} respectively, per section 6.1 - Field Replacements in the docs (Still unable to link).

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