Feature request: Option to disable leech notification

Kind of silly, but the only thing in anki that breaks the flow of my study is the onscreen leech notification. It’s become especially bad since switching to fsrs, as I’m now leeching cards at a significantly higher rate than before.

Thanks for reading.

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Another option – if you’re willing to give up Leech tagging to avoid the onscreen notification, you can set your threshold to 9999 or some other absurd number.

You’ll still be able to find the cards that need your attention (would have earned a “leech” tag) by searching for cards with lapses above your current threshhold – prop:lapses>=8Searching - Anki Manual.

Thank you , setting a very high threshold is a good suggestion. I do like having them tagged automatically, but searching by lapses and manually tagging them is a reasonable workaround.