[Feature Request] Hourly breakdown tab suggestion

once more, thanks for the tremendous work and the super useful app, I’m using it regularly.

I wanted to share a suggestion but of course, no arm if you can’t/don’t want to implement it.

In the “statistics” section, tab “Hourly breakdown”, what do you think of exchanging the “% correct” color and shape for the “Answers”?

Currently, in the background, there’s the “% correct” in large dark grey columns, and in the foreground, the “Answers” in thin light grey columns.
Below a printscreen from AnkiDesktop:
(also the ankidroid version below:)

I thought it would be more apparent (IMHO) to have in the background, in large dark column, the “Answers” info ; and in the foreground, thin light column for “%correct” info.

Ok, it is a very small “insignificant” modification (might seem but not for me :slight_smile: ) but if you think of it, first, you answer, then you answer correctly or not, no?

if it does not take to much energy to implement, at least I would be greatful :slight_smile: If it’s more complicated than it looks like, no problem, it’s just a personal suggestion.

Depending on your answer, AnkiDroid could follow or not :wink:

Have a nice day,

ps: an equivalent feature request was done on AnkiDroid ([Feature Request] Hourly breakdown tab suggestion · Issue #8736 · ankidroid/Anki-Android · GitHub) but since they want to conform with AnkiDesktop, I come to you :slight_smile:

The graphs have been reworked a few versions ago and look very dfferent now.


Indeed, sorry, I was all the time busy with AnkiDroid.
Below the current version in AnkiDesktop:

This version is ok for me.
This suggestion can be closed.

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