Feature request: disable new reviews/ratings

When Anki updates, a tsunami of negative ratings rain down on whichever add-on no longer works on the last Anki version.

Being that Anki gets updated every month, addons break every month too, so it would be fair to give add-on developers an option to disable new ratings/new reviews until they can get the add-on working again.

Edit: the perfect case study is right here,
The addon called Pokemanki has 150 ratings, of which 50 are negative ratings saying IT DOESN’T WORK!!!

Anki addon developers already put up with entitled users for free, the least you could give them is an option to disable new reviews until they can fix stuff.

I’m not an addon developer by the way.

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I’m not sure that is a great example, as that add-on has not even been updated to list the Anki versions it supports. Users download it expecting it to work, and then find it doesn’t, so it shouldn’t be surprising that they want to post about it.

Yes, there are other cases where the add-on author has specified the version they support and communicated their intentions, and they still get downvoted by some users. That can be disappointing, but I don’t think there’s any simple way to solve that without making it open to abuse.