Feature request: continuous deployment to desktop app stores

Hello, I hope this finds you well.

Please could you (automatically) publish future releases of Anki to desktop app stores, namely the Microsoft Store, Mac App Store, and Snapcraft (for Windows, macOS, and Linux, respectively)?

This would make it far more easy, quick, and user-friendly for desktop users to install and update Anki. This could help increase both the number of users who initially install Anki and those who keep it up-to-date with bug fixes, etc, after installing it. It would also negate the need to update the links to installer files on the Anki website with new releases, instead linking to the app on the different stores, though this may already be integrated into CI/CD processes.

The process of releasing new updates to these desktop app stores could (to the best of my knowledge) be automated as part of CI/CD processes in the GitHub repository storing the source code for the software, so shouldn’t require any additional manual effort.

Thank you for your time and consideration.


Just want to add to this as I was about to request something similar. I’m not sure if it’s easier to do this through app stores or through private update servers, but needing to download each new version and manually install it is quite annoying. So whichever way of implementing auto updates is best would be greatly appreciated. I love the app but I think it would be a big boost to UX and update uptake if such a system was implemented.

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It’s not simple. The web component Anki is built on can’t be used on the Mac app store due to Apple’s rules. On Windows, the last time I tried, the packaging process caused audio to stop working.


Understood, if there is ever a way to achieve this it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks for all your hard work.