Suggestion to Implement End-to-End Testing for Anki on Windows and MacOS

Hello Anki Team,

I’m writing to share an idea about improving Anki for Windows and MacOS.

I use Anki a lot and it’s great, but it’s also very complex. Every time there’s an update, I get worried. I’m afraid the update might cause problems because there are so many features and settings in Anki.

I know I can go back to an older version if something goes wrong, but this makes me not want to update Anki at all. It’s like, why change something if it’s working fine?

But then, I also want to update because I see many people reporting bugs on GitHub. This means my version of Anki probably has bugs too, and updates are needed to fix them.

This is why I’m suggesting that you add End-to-End (E2E) tests for Anki on MacOS and Windows. E2E tests check the whole app to find problems. This can help make sure everything works well before an update is released.

End-to-End testing could significantly enhance the reliability and stability of each release. By integrating E2E tests into the GitHub pipeline, potential issues could be identified and resolved early in the development process (shift-left testing). This proactive approach would not only improve the user experience but also foster greater confidence in regular updates.

I remember once I spent hours trying to fix Anki on my MacOS. It was really hard. If there were E2E tests, maybe this could have been avoided.

Thank you for considering my idea. I think E2E tests will really help make Anki better.

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