[Feature Request] Add Option to Show/Hide Password in Registration/Login Forms

Hello Anki team,

I would like to suggest a new feature to improve the user experience during the registration and login processes. Specifically, it would be beneficial to have an option to show or hide the password when users are entering it in the password field. This could be implemented via an “eye” icon or a “show password” button.


  • Current Behavior: Currently, when users are entering their password in the registration or login forms, the password is hidden by default with no option to reveal it.
  • Proposed Behavior: Add an “eye” icon or a “show password” button next to the password field. When the user clicks this icon or button, the password should be displayed in plain text. Clicking the icon or button again should hide the password.
  • Benefits: This feature will help users verify their passwords more easily, reducing the likelihood of errors and improving overall user experience. It’s especially helpful for users who might have complex passwords and want to ensure they’ve entered them correctly.


Additional Context:
This is a commonly requested feature in many applications and is considered a good practice for improving usability. Implementing this feature would align Anki with current UX standards and make the app more user-friendly.

Thank you for considering this suggestion. I believe it would be a valuable addition to the Anki application.

Best regards,
Wiktoria i Asia

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