[fatal bug] Anki 2.1.50 (beta5) buried bug

In beta5 version, it was confirmed that gray numbers were added as shown in the figure below.

If you hover your mouse over the gray number, the phrase ‘bury’ appears, but it often happens that the number comes out strangely while blinking. (The problem occurs more often when you press f11 to go to full screen.)

1. A bug that flickers when you hover your mouse over a gray number 2. If you place the mouse on the gray number, the card number sometimes changes strangely or moves to the main screen of Anki.

In my personal opinion, I think gray numbers should be removed because they confuse users and gray numbers causes numerous bugs.

This is an important bug, so please test it before answering.

  1. good working screen

  2. Occasional flickering bug occurred when hovering the mouse cursor over a gray number. Also, it changes to a strange number as shown in the picture below. Occasionally, a bug that moved to the Anki deck screen was also found.

  3. wrong screen

The -49 and -6 numbers indicate there is a bug. Is this deck synced with AnkiWeb? If so, could you let me know the email address you’re syncing with in a private message?

As for the flickering, could you provide a small screen recording that demonstrates the problem? The tooltip is there so people understand what the number means.

I get it. I’ll send you an ID in a private message after syncing right now.

I would like to send the video by e-mail because of its large capacity. Thank you for giving me your e-mail address.

The bug we are reporting now occurs much more frequently when using f11 in full screen. (However, sometimes errors occur even when not in full screen)

As explained in the figure below, various bugs appear, such as flickering the screen or bouncing to another screen when the mouse cursor is placed on the red box.
(This screen is a custom study screen.)

A bug in which an incorrect number appears when the mouse cursor is placed on a buried number on that screen also occurs frequently.

I would like to attach a video, but due to capacity limitations, if you tell me your email address, I will send you a test video.

please answer

Thanks, while I wasn’t able to reproduce the problem, I noticed you’re using the v2 scheduler, and the buried counts were not intended to be shown in that case. This should be fixed in the next beta.

It appears that the fullscreen support provided by the toolkit Anki uses is buggy on your system. This is not something Anki can easily fix, so I’m afraid your options are either to try changing your video driver in the preferences screen, or to stop using full screen.

For sharing a video, you may be able to share it on imgur.com, or as an unlisted video on youtube.com, and then the other developers will be able to see it too.

I got a good answer.

Can I ask you a few questions to make sure I understand your answer?

  1. Will the number of buried cards not be displayed in the v2 scheduler in the next version?

  2. You said that the full screen support provided by the toolkit Anki uses seems to be buggy in your system, so is this a problem with my computer’s video driver?

In my personal opinion, the problem does not seem to be a problem with my computer.

The reason is that the problem occurs in qt5’s opengl driver and qt6.

This is because, if the mouse cursor is placed on various buttons while the full screen (f11) is displayed, various problems such as flickering, moving to another page, and a number of buried cards occur.

I wonder if this bug is my own problem. If it’s just my computer problem, Can you give more details on how to solve it?


It is not just your computer, it is an issue with the graphics toolkit on Windows. There is no known way to fix the issue at the moment.


We hope that the number of buried cards that work incorrectly in the v2 scheduler will be fixed in the next beta version.

Thank you always and have a nice day.