Fast Review but ignoring easy cards during the review

I have an exam in 12 days. I created a deck with 3000 general review cards to go through all the content in 12 days, but the easy cards are scheduled for review in 4 days. I don’t want to review the easy cards within these 12 days. My goal is to not waste time on the easy ones during this period, knowing that I will make mistakes on many of them. I want to dedicate this short time only to review the more challenging cards. Thank you to anyone who can help."

Have you already studied each card at least once? Then you could create a filtered deck based on some search criteria.

But if it’s a brand new deck, how can Anki know which cards should be considered easy?

If you wish to temporarily exclude the easy cards, another option is to search for rated:7:4 to locate cards answered easy in the last week, and you can then select and suspend them, unsuspending them at a later date.

Thank you.

Thank you

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