Filtered decks based on "card rating" when in learning phase


Hoping some anki experts can help me here (my fingers are crossed as I have searched and I can’t find the answer):

I have ~4500 cards, I have reviewed them all once (still in “learning” phase in anki), and I won’t have time to review them all a second time before my exam to get them into the “graduated phase” and get the benefit of the anki algorithm. Instead, the stats show I have clicked hard 600 times, and rest I clicked good/easy. So I want to direct my resource on the hard cards, I wanted to be able to practice only the cards I clicked hard to. Anki has the information on each card, called “rating”

Is there a way I can pull out all the cards I answered hard to (i.e. rating = 2), so I can focus on them only? if so, how do I do this?

Thanks for your support,


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