Failing to login and sync

Context and steps to reproduce:

  1. Login into ankiDroid on android (or desktop). Try to sync. Failed to sync cause it says:
    “Sync error.
    Syncing failed, because your email adresss has not been confirmed. Please visit ankiweb[.]net, log in
    with your email adress (<[.]com>), and you’ll be prompted to confirm your email.”

  2. Go to ankiweb[.[net. Try to login. Received error: “Sorry, no account was found with that email address. Please check your spelling and try again.”

Notes: I can login into ankiDroid so the account exists.
Also, I try to reset the password and i receive a password reset email and
I do reset it, but the errors persist.

If you’re using a password manager, try manually entering your email address into the login page.

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