Extremely delayed and laggy scrolling on Linux app (installed on Chromebook via Crostini)

Hello everyone,
I’ve had anki installed on my Chromebook via Linux apps (crostini) for quite a while and it’s been working great. With a recent update my scrolling in Anki has been severely affected. Attempting to scroll anywhere (particularly in browse) is delayed my 5+ seconds and then the scrolling also no longer smooth. There used to be issues with this so I’m not sure what changed. I filed a bug with the ChromeOS team (https://bugs.chromium.org/p/chromium/issues/detail?id=1126610) but they believe its an application problem (potentially not listening to X smooth scroll events).
They had me run a debug command “WAYLAND_DEBUG=1 sommelier -X anki 2>&1 | grep wl_pointer” and when I did this the scrolling was no longer delayed but it was still not smooth. Is there any reason for this to be happening? I at first thought that it was a problem with a CrOS update but I noticed that scrolling in other linux apps is actually fine so I think it’s a problem with Anki. Any insight would be really appreciated.